Senior Training Manager in Mahwah, NJ at HYTORC

Date Posted: 6/16/2020

Job Snapshot

Job Description

 The Senior Training Manager is responsible to develop, execute, and promote successful internal and external training strategies to enhance the human factors associated with industrial bolting and support the growth of HYTORC’s business objectives worldwide. As the premier engineering innovator in the bolting industry, HYTORC excels in product development and quality. Training addresses the people side of the business. This includes coaching our own sales force to become knowledgeable bolting consultants better able to present our technologies. It demands that we be able to show our valuable customers how to use those technologies to improve the safety, quality and efficiency of their bolting activities so that they can reach their own important goals. Training at HYTORC is not an end in itself but a means to an end - that end being to increase sales and grow our business by improving the people factors.

HYTORC already has a vibrant and active matrix of training courses targeted to each of our key audiences. We have a small group of highly qualified and experienced field instructors with the subject-matter and classroom expertise to deliver high-quality course content. That group needs to be judiciously expanded and their efforts need to be coordinated to maximize coverage and efficiency. They need to be cultivated and encouraged to improve their own skills and competencies. Many of our training efforts are focused on craftsmen and non-degreed tradesmen. Some of our courses are approved and sponsored by outside standards organizations. It is our continuing work to keep the curriculum up to date and fresh as new tools and methods are developed and new markets are opened. HYTORC is now active in more than 50 countries and one of the major challenges of the next decade is to discover how best to carry our training programs into international markets with language, distance and cultural diversities. The ideal is not a single lockstep delivery method but a consistent corporate message so that every HYTORC customer has access to the same high-quality support regardless of their location, the instructional format or the governing standards involved. Significant investment in a new Mahwah based state of the art training facility as well as regional centers and mobile equipment have been made and need to be effectively used. Not only must we improve our curriculum and our delivery but we have to improve our marketing and proactively pursue potential customers for our courses. This must be done through active cooperation with our sales force of largely independent franchisees on whom we rely to reach and influence our customers

Primary Responsibilities

● Develop, implement and communicate training strategies to support HYTORC’s growth

● Administer technical adult education programs for the benefit of, and in concert with, our sales force and our customers

● Focus training at the craft level as well as at engineers and managers

● Refine existing courses with an eye toward computer-based and blended learning concepts in order to reach our far-flung constituencies

● Operate a headquarters training center so as to at least support its own costs and maintain its training and public relations goals

● Provide adequate and well placed regional training centers and mobile equipment to support approved customer training

● Represent HYTORC’s interests with outside training partner organizations and standards setters

● Actively engage with our worldwide sales force as the primary source of both internal and external people to be trained

● Facilitate the translation and availability of training curricula and audio-visual materials to international audiences

● Coordinate and cultivate the efforts of the training team members and recognize and reward their competencies in the core bolting disciplines

● Promote the goals of the HYTORC Bolting Institute

● Introduce Learning Management Systems concepts and programs

● Work closely with product development to ensure that any new tools or methods are adequately supported by appropriate training materials

Job Requirements


● BS/MS in instructional technology – curriculum and instruction - technical or engineering oriented adult education or closely related disciplines

● 5+ years in corporate training with an emphasis on technical adult learning to the trades and crafts as well as to engineers and professionals

● 5+ years in personal classroom instruction and management

● Strong people cooperation skills to motivate by persuasion vs. authority

● Fluency with current learning management systems and computer-based and blended learning technologies

● Author curriculum for technical adult learning

● Proven supervisory and cost-center management skills

● Physical stamina and health to travel as needed (approximately 25%)

● Current passport and clear background history and references