The TorqueGun Company was founded in 2008 by the worldwide leader in Hydraulic Torque Tools, HYTORC, to provide heavy industry with world-class pneumatic torque tools.
The purpose of creating a separate organization focusing on pneumatics was due to the fact that the pneumatic torque tool market had become stagnant. It became stagnant in the sense that revolutionary, new, exciting products became a rarity, with companies preferring to stick to the known rather than venturing "outside of the box". The TorqueGun Company was created to change that, and in 2 short years, we are well on our way

Our Service

While the TORCGUN technological advancements are crucial, one needs the service to back it up. We recognize that to properly support the maintenance departments of heavy industry, a company needs to place a great level of emphasis on their service capabilities, and that is exactly what the TGC has done.

Tools & Equipment

The Torque Gun Company Offers New and Revolutionary Pneumatic Torque Tools and Equipment.