Our insight into the world of "Bolting" did not stop there. We knew that a majority of customers around the world still wanted to work with off the shelf nuts and bolts. For this we created The LoaDisc™. We directed our attention towards operator safety and the LoaDisc™provided SAFER OPERATION. We directed our attention then towards Tool Side Load and the LoaDisc™ ELIMINATED ALL SIDE LOAD. We directed our attention towards Inverted Tool Operation and the LoaDisc™ BROUGHT US UPSIDE DOWN OPERATION. No matter what bolting operation challenge you may be faced with, the LoaDisc™ can remedy them while using your standard nuts, studs and or bolts. Hex heads included!

Our Support

Our team of engineers and technical field experts are here to ensure the right solution for every job.
We offer free plant surveys, free tool inspection, free safety training and free tool use training. A comprehensive JETYD Optimization survey will provide you with every detail to ensure your project is a success.
On-site supervision of your crew or contractors will be provided at no charge during the 1st day of installation. Packages can be designed for different levels of support providing on-site supervision for one day or for complete project assistance from application preparation to final sign off. We take full responsibility!

Our Optimization

LeakageZero is obtainable on every critical application using our patented ClampNut™ and LoaDisc™ technologies. We have the most repeatable and accurate method of bolting available today by controlling the frictions associated with bolting. Using our multiple tool systems we can achieve a parallel joint closure to provide an even gasket crush, which in turn means NO LEAKS! There is no excuse for leaky flanges.
Environmental & financial costs attributed to leaks can eliminate almost any chance of success. JETYD is committed to the conservation of our planet & its natural resources. To express our commitment to the Environment, JETYD is the ONLY bolting company to Guarantee Leak Free Start-Ups.